Saturday, February 1, 2020

Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 7

Research Paper Example These physical and psychological demands of the profession of nursing often leads to high job stress amongst nurses. Employee performance on the job is a function of three factors working together: effort, skills and abilities and the work environment. Skills is the set of abilities and knowledge possessed by the employee whereas effort signifies the amount of hard work the employee puts into the job (Levey, 2001). The theoretical framework of a research includes: the variables under study, the nature of relationship between the two and the reason for the same, study of other variables that might affect the outcome of the relationship and a schematic diagram showing the various relationships (Sekara, 2009). The two central variables under study in this study are: job stress and employee performance. There have been many definitions for stress. Michie (2002) defines stress as the psychological and physical state of a human when the resources available with the individual are not sufficient to manage with the demands and pressures of the situation. Although stress can not be said to be harmful in all the cases, it does seem to have significant negative effects. For success it is necessary that organizations provide quality services efficiently. In this scenario, job stress becomes a very important variable to be studied. There have been many factors that may result in employee being stressful at the job. Some of the reasons that may lead to stress at work include: poor physical working conditions, time pressures, work overload, role ambiguity, role conflict, dissatisfaction with the appraisal process, poor relationships with the manager or the subordinate or absence of decision making powers (Michie, 2002). Besides these, issues at home such as financial problems, or life crisis can also lead to job stress. The second important variable that needs study is the employee performance. Job stress often has significant impact on the employee morale.

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