Thursday, February 13, 2020

Explore the Measurement, Extent, Causes And Consequences of Inequality Essay

Explore the Measurement, Extent, Causes And Consequences of Inequality - Essay Example This essay stresses that income inequality results in many intense issues including low levels of trust, high prevalence rate of mental illness, infant mortality, homicides, and teenage births, increased imprisonment rates, decreased life expectancy, and high incidence of obesity. Evidently, this situation would force national governments to allot huge funds for addressing these issues. Therefore, governments cannot raise enough funds for promoting development activities; instead, they get less time to focus on economic growth. Researchers indicate that income inequality and the resulted social stratification may lead to high levels of psychological stress which in turn may intensify the issues like alcohol and substance abuse, depression, and poor community life. This paper makes a conclusion that it is clear inequality is becoming a growing issue all around the globe. The lion’s part of the world’s total incomes goes to a small percent of the richest people. Inequality leads to issues like lower life expectancy, high violence rate, low levels of trust, and other health and social problems. Hence, this issue adversely affects a nation’s economic growth. In order to address this issue, national governments must ensure a minimum wage for all citizens regardless of their age, sex, religion, or politics. It is also recommendable for governments to impose huge income tax rates on rich people and to exempt the poor from taxes and other duties.

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