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The Issue Of Vaping And Smoking - 1486 Words

Table of Contents Page 1 Title Page Page 2 Table of Contents Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 INTRODUCTION I am writing this report on the issue of vaping and smoking. I will go into detail explaining the effect of vaping and smoking in the human body and the effect it as on society. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of vaporing will be provided. In this report I will include statistical illustrations and diagrams on how it affects the society and draw conclusions with the given evidence. I have decided to research this topic because of how much smoking has affected the people especially younger people in the society. Vaping An electronic cigarette other known as a†¦show more content†¦The article then goes on to say â€Å"But the use of e-cig can cause inflammation in the lungs and makes them more vulnerable to infection. Nicotine from any type of cigarette can raise rate and blood pressure because nicotine acts as a stimulate and prompts adrenaline rush in the body. E-ci are not regulated by the FDA although the agency are working on changing it.† What are the effect of smoking to the human body? Both the E-Cig and normal cigarettes both contain a common chemical which is called Nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive substance in smoke if inhaled into the lungs of alveoli, this reaches the human brain in six seconds. Nicotine in slight pile acts as a stimulant to the human brain, and in bigger pile, acts as s depressant, which mostly hinder the flow of signals that’s between the nerve cells in the body. Even bigger doses it’s a life threatening poison that affects the heart, blood vessels and hormones in the human body. When Nicotine gets to the bloodstream it causes the smoker feel calmer. Another chemical present in smokesShow MoreRelatedShould Electronic Cigarettes Be Banned?911 Words   |  4 PagesBACKGROUND While the rate of traditional cigarette smoking in the United States, including California, has decreased, the rates of electronic cigarette smoking, known as vaping, has drastically increased. In 2013 2.6 percent of all Americans used electronic cigarettes, including 3.5 percent of all Californians. While the 2015 statistic for California has not been released, nationwide that number has jumped to 10 percent1. Electronic cigarettes are often marketed as a safe alternative to traditionalRead MoreAmerica s Vaping Revolution : How Suspicious Should We Really Be Of The E Cigarette Craze941 Words   |  4 PagesA major issues we face today is how un-informed people are on the vaping world also known as e-cigarettes. For that I have chosen an article called America’s vaping revolution: How suspicious should we really be of the e-cigarette craze by Noah Charney posted on Sunday, Dec 7th, 2014. This article is about what e-cigarettes are, where they came from and their uses and effe cts that they can cause. I’m choosing this article because vaping (smoking E-cigarettes) is something that not a lot of peopleRead MorePersuasive Essay Smoking896 Words   |  4 PagesVaping is often seen as a safe or safer route to smoking. It is also relatively new to the market, only hitting the mainstream over the past decade. Due to the fact that it hasn’t been a part of the public consciousness for as long as cigarette smoking, there is a lot of people that still do not fully understand about it. Smoking is an evil habit that millions of people around the world have adapted. However, luckily vaporizers have become a huge trend in the smoking world. â€Å"About 3.7% of adultsRead MoreThe Vapors And E Cigs939 Words   |  4 Pagesan electronic cigarette, meant to be a substitute for cigarette smokers. E-cigs maybe the best alternative to cigarettes, although vaping presents just as many health issues as smoking. In general the side effects for vaping are as fallow: Dry skin, dry mouth, Rash/burning sensation on face, itchiness, puffy/dry eyes, caffeine sensitivity and minor bloody nose issues. The E-cigs produce vapor, not smoke, to allow smokers to consume their nicotine without affecting the people around them. Some consumersRead MoreEssay On E-Cigs741 Words   |  3 PagesThe Surgeon General is the top doctor in the United States. He is nominated by the president of the US, after which the Senate confirms him or her. Once confirmed, he becomes the spokesman for the issues of public health organizations within the United States. He is in charge of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Holding such a high seat, SG reports are always considered to be impartial and factual. Every one of the SG reports are very authoritative and can make or break the targetedRead MoreUsing Vaporizing Pens Are Becoming A Very Popular Trend Essay1330 Words   |  6 Pagese-cigarette, is growing popularity among those attempting to quit smoking. Young people are using vaporizing pens as a â€Å"safe alternative† to smoking. This issue needs to be addressed. Vaping is a lot m ore convenient than smoking traditional cigarettes. At a push of a button nicotine is being released. There also aren’t any laws or regulations on vapor pens like there are for traditional cigarettes. Vape pens also aren’t being used for just smoking nicotine. They are often used to smoke other types of drugsRead MoreEthical Controversy Of E Cigarettes1148 Words   |  5 Pagesway of inhaling nicotine without the health effects of smoking tobacco. They were developed to provide the tobacco user with a device that would heat up liquid nicotine and other chemicals including carcinogens that once heated would create a vapor in which the user would inhale. Unlike cigarettes, nothing is burned, and there is no smoke released from the device. E-cigarettes are marketed to the consumer as a better way of quitting smoking or just sustaining the craving of tobacco by allowingRead MoreHuman Exposure And The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease Development1237 Words   |  5 Pages PM2.5, epidemiological and clinical studies suggest a strong association between human exposure to PM2.5 and the risk of cardiovascular disease development. These studies have shown that exposure to PM2.5 from ambient air pollution and/or tobacco smoking is linked to a number of cardiovascular conditions including hypertension126, coronary artery disease127, myocardial infarction128, 129, atherosclerosis126, and arrhythmia130. To this end, short term exposure ( 24 hours) to PM2.5 is associated withRead MoreSmoke and Mirrors: Controversy over Electronic Cigarette Regulation1405 Words   |  6 Pagespublic library, he’s a genuinely nice guy, and he’s a smoker. A few months ago, John Doe decided that he wanted to minimize his health risks from smoking cigarettes, so he switched to a new alternative: an e-cigarette. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, and vaporize a vegetable glycerol fluid that contains nicotine, mimicking the feeling of smoking a burn cigarette without the tar, dangerous gases, and unpleasant smell (Block). In most states, smokers can â€Å"vape† in public places with theirRead MoreElectronic Cigarettes : Research Paper1236 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout the past years more and more issues have been arising from this product that was originally assumed to be harmless. Now we are faced with the question are they really as safe as we thought or should increase investigation to see what they are really capable of. So far researchers have discovered many issues with the electronic cigarettes and every month more and more issues begin the surface the air. From explosion to toxic material. These issues will not only affect their users but anyone

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