Monday, November 4, 2019

Would Of Work Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Would Of Work - Personal Statement Example I have three main strengths that will help me shape my career aspirations. The first among the three is my high level of tolerance and patience. I think this factor is the aspect that many people lack in life, and what makes them give up on things they could otherwise attain. I am always determined to get the best out of what I do. I have a conviction that such a character will make me suit my career field because my father tells me that patience is the basic of all things. Electrical and Electronic Engineers require having patience while they carry out projects and remain optimistic that they will make it even while they face stressful situations. The second factor that defines my strength is the natural talent in operating machinery and other appliances. I have been helping my father to repair some equipment such as television and fixing the lighting since the time I was only six years. I feel that such an experience has contributed my commitment to working with machinery and electricity. I always wish I could design the electric systems of a building someday. The last of the three strengths is my family background. I get much motivation from my parents in all things that I do. I have learned to admire as my role models. They always tell me that I can be whomever I wish to if I work hard. My father, in particular, gives me much support especially when I told him about my dream being an engineer. My skills include my proficiency in mathematics and science-related subjects. I have a liking for the two because I know they contribute to better mastery of concepts that will make someone an excellent engineer. I like helping my classmates in solving problems related to the two fields, and that helps me to improve my competencies. I always feel that my mathematics skills will help me to calculate one or two things when I will finally work for a company. I have worked and developed work values of professionalism, reliability, and innovation. I feel that if anyone

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